Work on the Sineku playing field is seventy five percent (75%) complete

Residents of Sineku in the Carib Territory can soon expect the completion of their much anticipated playing field.


This announcement was made by the Acting Carib Chief Mr Prosper Paris at a recent press conference.


Mr prosper said that the Carib Council has no doubt that the project will be completed within the set deadline.


‘As we speak now, I can confidently say that the playing field is seventy-five percent complete. The people of the Sineku community are elated that the project is going on smoothly and are eagerly waiting for their playing field,’ said Paris.


Earlier this year in the month of April to be precise, residents in Sineku held protest actions after they were informed that there were serious delays in the commencement of the project.


Work commenced on the $206,000.00 playing field following a signing agreement on July 5th 2010.


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