Workshop on prevention and management of overweight/obesity

A number of health practitioners and nutritionists all gathered at the Public Service Training Center (PSTC) on Tuesday July 3rd, for the start of a three day workshop on Prevention and Management of Overweight and Obesity.

There will also be information on the issue of overweight and obesity in the wider world.

She added that this workshop is very important in dealing with the issues mentioned above.

Chief Medical Officer, Doctor David Johnson says, in tackling the issue of CNCD’s in Dominica, the Ministry collaborated with Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (CFNI), to host this three day workshop.

Doctor Johnson pointed out that the facilitators of the workshop will speak on the specific technical aspect of the prevention and management of obesity and overweight.

Doctor Johnson says that the World Health Organization recognizes that obesity is a major societal problem, and therefore policies, programs, strategies and plans have been developed to address this serious problem.

He added that in Dominica, statistics show that the obesity levels continue to increase.

However 26.5% of the persons studied reporting having eating fruits of vegetable five or more times within a 30 day period, compared to 57.1% who drank carbonated beverages during the same period.

Doctor Johnson highlighted out some of the other risk factors for obesity which are; genetics, family lifestyles, age and social and economic factors.

He said dealing with these issues is indeed a huge task, which requires the cooperation of all persons to see any forms of success.

Doctor Johnson went on to mention that,  if drastic measures are not taken now, our productive workforce will continue to be affected negatively.

Participants will be given certificates after the workshop, which comes to a close on Thursday July 5th.

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