World Anti-Child Labour Day

child_labour‘Child labour is a major deterrent to a nation’s growth and there should be greater awareness placed on child rights’.

This is the message being spread across the Regions during World Anti-Child Labour Day, today June 12th.

Statistics show that children below the age of 14 are employed in the Silver Anklet industry, Coir Manufacturing units, Brick units and unorganized sectors.

However, more than 1,500 rescued children are pursuing their studies in National Child Labour Project (NCLP) schools in the district, with 253 students completing their degrees and diplomas.

Currently, 3,138 students are pursuing their regular school education after being rescued from various Industries.

As part of observing the day, awareness programmes demonstrated through rallies and distribution of pamphlets are held at schools and public places.

Every 12th of June, Education International and its member organizations worldwide celebrate the World Day against Child Labour.

It is an occasion to highlight the global extent of Child Labour and raise awareness on the situation of millions of children, girls and boys, working across the Globe.

In 2013, the World Day will focus on Child Labour in domestic work.

Teacher unions have also been pioneers in the movement to prevent and eliminate Child Labour.

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