World Rivers Day 2012

Checkhall River

Since the year 2005, every last Sunday of September has been observed as “World Rivers Day” as designated by the United Nations.

For the first time, the St. Paul and St. Ann’s Parish is collaborating with the Canefield Urban Council, the Dominica Youth Environment Organisation, Massacre Canefield School, the Pioneer School, and the Dominica Social Justice and Peace INC to observe this annual event.

According to St. Paul’s and St. Ann’s Parish priest Father Franklyn Cuffy, the unveiling of Checkhall River will take place on Thursday, 27th September.

There will be an unveiling of a signage which says: “this Checkhall River is protected by the law”.

In addition, Father Cuffy says this is in an effort to raise the consciousness of one and all, that the Checkhall River is the only River in Dominica that is protected by our constitution.

He also stated that as a nation, we talk about 365 rivers therefore an appeal is going out for the developing of better practices in river management, and there is an urgent need to protect and restore our waterways in Dominica.

Apart from this event, on the 28th of September, the 1st anniversary of Hurricane Ophelia will be recognized.

He says almost everyone in his Parish was affected by Ophelia and a lot of promises were made, yet it has been a year and not a thing has been done about it.

Father Cuffy says we all need to come on board, especially the people who were affected.

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