World Tennis Day Celebrated


Mr. Havey Shillingford

The Executives of the Dominica Tennis Association, has seen the need to implement Tennis into Dominican Society. Therefore they have taken initiative to celebrate World Tennis Day as an opportunity to attract interested persons to develop talent in the sport.

A group of students from different Schools and ages gathered at the Dominica Grammar School on Monday, March 5th 2013 to observe World Tennis Day.

Mr. Havey Shillingford took the opportunity to thank Mrs. Jean Jacques, the principal of the Dominica Grammar School for allowing them to use the facilities.

He stated that Tennis has been a sport in Dominica for quite some time, but is not popular as other sports; however celebrating world Tennis day is the opportunity to get individuals involved and eventually excel in the sport.

Mr. Andy Carter, Coordinator for the Youth Tennis Development Programme said that World Tennis Day is celebrated all over the world in a grand way.

He stated Dominica is celebrating in its own way by presenting the program, which will gain awareness and popularity to the sport.

Mrs. Jean Jacques, Principal of the Dominica Grammar School recognized the school as being the fore runners in many sports on the island namely cricket and football.


World Tennis Day Celebrated at the Dominica Grammar School

She hopes to continue and encourage this tradition, where the school can accommodate Tennis in Dominica.

Secretary of the Dominica Olympic Committee, Mr. Thomas Dorsette, emphasized that we use this for us to launch what we know is going to be a good year for Tennis in Dominica.

Mr. Dorsette said the opportunities are endless and urged the students to do their best and to have fun when playing tennis.

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