World Youth Day Celebrated in the Community of Portsmouth


Father Herman Sharplis, Portsmouth Catholic Parish Priest

Numerous youth, from various communities around Dominica all gathered in Portsmouth for the annual Catholic Youth Rally, on Saturday March 23rd 2013.

The procession was through the streets of Portsmouth with singing, dancing and acknowledgement of Jesus Christ.

The theme for this year’s rally was “Go and make Disciples of all nations,” Ian Douglas, parliamentary representative of Portsmouth urged the youths to adhere to the theme.

The youth Minister Honorable Justina Charles encouraged the youth gathered in Portsmouth.

She said youth must embrace every opportunity to empower and equip themselves so that the journey can bare fruits.

Father Herman Sharplis stated that it is not coincidental that the rally is being held in Portsmouth.

He said in light of all the crime related episodes occurring in the community, the rally was a fitting way of saying, Portsmouth belongs to Jesus.

The day’s activities ended with a Eucharistic Celebration from 4pm at the Church ground.

World Youth Day dates back to 1984 at the close of the Holy Year of Redemption.

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