Wotten Waven Development Committee Hosts Law and Order Lecture

Magistrate Gloria Augustus

As part of the Wotten Waven annual village feast “Sulphur Splash 2012”, the Wotten Waven Development Committee and Villagers, held a Law and Order lecture.

The lecturer was Magistrate Gloria Augustus, where she defined crime in many ways.

Magistrate Augustus made the different terms very clear for the listeners.

She outlined the different crimes as well as the ones suitable for the High Court and the Magistrate Court.

She gave an example as to if you made an arrangement with someone to have your car fixed. He gives you a deposit and agrees on a price, and months later, u do not hear from him, or he does not have the car parts which u gave him to fix the car, that will be classified as a “Civil Matter”.

A Bar-B-Que amd Bonfire will be held tonight, Friday 30th, followed by a cleanup and set-up on December 1st and a church service and exhibition to end the week of activities.

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