Wotten Waven Sulphur River Tours: Pool Number 2 is Completed


Chairman of the Wotten Waven Development Committee, Mr. Rudolph George

Chairman of the Wotten Waven Development Committee Mr. Rudolph George, in an exclusive interview with SAT news, has confirmed that pool number two of the Wotten Waven Committee Sulphur River Tours, is now completed.

He noted, that the first pool took approximately one month to construct and this one took two weeks.

Mr. George said the project was delayed due to the committee’s lack of finance.

However, he was pleased and elated to inform us that the Tour Operators are now involved in this initiative.

Mr. George believes that we as a people need to work together for the development of our country and this is the reason he places a huge amount of effort into the project.

The committee’s target is to develop 4 pools. Two will be for private use only. The other two will be open to the public.

Mr. George also took us to the actual sulphur spring that produces the hot water.

Mr. George along with the Wotten Waven Committee, is urging the public to contribute in this initiative.

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