Wotten Waven vending area painting campaign

wottenwaven.jpgVendors in the community of Wotten Waven were all smiles, as they received paint compliments of the Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) for a makeover of their vending stalls.


This was done as part of the celebration of the Tourism Awareness Month, which is being celebrated throughout the month of May.


Marketing Executive of Discover Dominica Authority Ms. Samantha Smith says, this is one of the beautification and clean up campaigns they will be embarking on, as tourism is everybody’s business.


Ms. Smith said after speaking with the Wotten Waven Development Committee, and the vendors association about the project, the villagers were very excited and eager to go ahead with the project.


She pointed out that the community was chosen on a need basis, so it was selected to have something done, to brighten up the vending stalls for when tourists visits.


One of the vendors, Ms. Gloria Damier says that she truly appreciates the management and staff of the DDA, for coming up with this painting project.


Another vendor Ms. Minovia Joseph who was elated to finally have the ability to paint her stall, as she said the tourist season was slow, and the little revenue generated was used to take care of her children.


Ms. Joseph also stated that since the DDA donated paint to her to paint her stall, that money she would use to get it done will be used to take care of her family.


Ms. Joseph also highlighted that, when you are self employed it is sometimes easier, because as you make each dollar it can be reused or reinvested to make more, but when working for someone you will have to wait till month end or fortnight.


She said in that case if you have no money and need to buy something for her children she would have to wait till the pay period of her employer, but being self employed she does not have this problem.

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