Young Airbrush Artist Hosts Airbrush Car Show


Mr. Guiste’s airbrush work

While growing up young people would choose a profession that they would want to pursue in the future, however a lot of times these do not go as planned.

This may be so as the profession we initially choose may be out of our reach when reality kicks in, or there was a change or heart or financial trouble in fulfilling that dream.

Evidence of this switch came true in 25 year old upcoming Airbrush Artist Mr. Gerrant Guiste who initially wanted to be a Veterinarian.

Mr. Guiste recently hosted an Air Brushing Car Show, where his work to date was showcased to the public.

He says that he was inspired to take on this skill by re-owned Air Brush Artist Mr. Dave Joel Allie, who also taught him the basics and the tricks of the trade.

Mr. Guiste pointed out that although he was always fascinated by an airbrush gun, he never thought of himself as an artist.

However with training and some much needed practice he was able to gain the knowledge to use an air brush gun professionally, which shows in his work.

Mr. Guiste says although playing music was his primary profession he plans on taking his air brushing talent to its climax as he practices it as a full time profession.


Airbrush Artist, Mr. Gerrant Guiste

The Upcoming Air Brush Artist, stated that although he does his work to the best of his abilities, one of his challenges is pleasing the tough Dominican public.

However he pointed out that many critics who view his air brushing work thus far, gave positive reviews which are motivating to him.

He has the ability to air brush on just about any surface such as metal, plastic, wood, t-shirts, canvas, glasses, ceramic, and leather among other surfaces.

The Upcoming Air Brush Artist says that what he does is very rewarding, especially as it exposes him to many new people.

Mr. Guiste says what we all need to do is put God first in our lives and have a positive mindset, because with that we can achieve anything we set out to do.

Mr. Guiste is thankful to the people who supports him, and looks forward more Dominicans patronizing his work to bring their ideas to life with his air brushing skills.

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