Young Film Producers Trained in HIV Programming

Two young Dominicans, are now better equipped with enough knowledge to carry out their jobs as they have just completed a two day workshop in Antigua for film producers in HIV programming.

The lucky persons are 24 year old Lynworth Mitchell from Portsmouth and 25 year old Narlie Betrand from Laudat, who attended the workshop sponsored by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and the Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership (CBMP) on HIV/AIDS, was geared towards building the capacity of 30 young television producers from 16 countries to deliver top quality TV programming on HIV.

Film Commissioner Ms. Anita Bully says the request for two Dominicans from Hama Films based in Antigua so a list was sent out of which two participants were chosen.

Mrs. Bully added that the participants were extremely pleased with the outcome of the workshop, and that they now view persons infected with the virus HIV in a more friendly way and not in a way that will make them feel uncomfortable.

The workshop featured ten young producers from Antigua, Barbuda, Dominica and Montserrat who were trained to produce programmes on priority issues in HIV prevention including multiple concurrent partnerships, low levels of condom use, gender-based violence, masculinities and homophobia.

Mrs. Bully added that more needs to be done to the film industry in Dominica so it can and will be well recognized regionally and internationally.

She also added that most of the young producers and videographers are occupied on a day to day basis working on advertisements and recording of events, leaving them with very little to work on their creative abilities.

The film commissioner says it is vital that videographers, film makers and producers are exposed to training so they can improve on their work significantly.

Mrs. Bully went on to send a motivating message to the upcoming producers;

Follow-up workshops are scheduled for St. Maarten and Jamaica.

UNESCO’s vision for these workshops is to build the capacity of 30 young television producers from 16 countries to produce 30 high quality TV documentaries, which could be used for programme exchange with other broadcasters in the world through worldwide networks to operate from UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.


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