Young Man Charged on Multiple Following Numerous Theft in Canefield

cell-phone-theft-221 year old Akim Smith found himself in hot water with the law, as he appeared before Roseau Magistrate Evelina Baptiste on Monday August 12th.

The young man, who is from the village of Canefield, was slapped with numerous charges, following a series of burglaries.

It is alleged, that between July 14th to July 20th, Smith, stole an amplifier valued at $800 and a power mixer console valued at $2400; the property of the Canefield Victory Baptiste Church.

The defendant pleaded not guilty to theft but pleaded guilty to the charge of handling stolen goods.

He was fined $2000 to be paid by November 30th 2013 or in default sentenced to one year and three months imprisonment.

The charge of theft, however, was withdrawn after he pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods.

It is alleged, the amplifier, which was not recovered, was sold to Cashwhiz Pawn shop located in Roseau.

In another matter it is alleged that on August 8th he stole items amounting to $2089.50, from the property of Edith Gabriel of Canefield.

He was once again charged with theft and pleaded guilty.

Smith was fined $1750.00 to be paid by December 31st or in default sentenced to one year imprisonment.

The defendant was also ordered to pay by way of compensation $135.00 by the above mentioned date or in default sentenced to three weeks imprisonment, for an earring that was not recovered.

In another incident, Smith was also charged with burglary. It is alleged that between July 24th to 31st he entered a dwelling house in Canefield and stole one DVD player, a reebok sneaker and one remote control totaling $625.00.

He pleaded not guilty.

However, prosecutor Inspector Claude Weekes objected to bail, on the grounds that Smith is under investigation for similar matters, and if granted bail would interfere with their investigations.

Bail was denied and the trial is expected to begin on November 25th 2013.

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