Young man fined $ 1000 for stealing a bottle of women’s perfume


Creshna Leblanc of Roseau was fined the sum of $1000.00 after pleading guilty to the charge of theft at the Roseau magistrate’s court this morning.


Leblanc was caught red handed, on Saturday 17th of September 2011 by the owner of the sunshine international store located on King George V Street stealing a bottle of women’s perfume valued at $19.00.


The owner of the store observed Leblanc upon entry into the store at about 8:00a.m on Saturday 17th September and kept a close eye on him. She observed him placeding the bottle of perfume into his pocket then tried to exit the store, which she prevented by closing doors. She then called for assistance from a passing police officer which came to the scene.


When confronted by the arresting officer Leblanc admitted to the offence stating he doesn’t have the money to pay for it.


When questioned by magistrate Evelina Baptiste as to why Leblanc committed the offence he replied, I was always being embarrassed about my scent regularly and made funny faces to me, so I took the perfume to smell nicer.”


Magistrate Baptiste then pointed out to Leblanc that his scent was no reason to steal the perfume and he could use soap to bathe clean so this is no excuse for his actions. When asked if he was aware of his actions Leblanc said yes but he still did it.

Leblanc has a history of being a patient of the Psychiatric Ward which he was just released from the same morning of the theft.


Magistrate Baptiste also highlighted the fact that Leblanc also have two previous offences of theft in March and September of 2010 which he was sentenced for each offence.

Magistrate Evelina Baptiste fined Leblanc a sum of $1000.00 which is to be paid no later than March 1st 2012 or in default sentenced to five months imprisonment.


Story written by LARRY LAROCQUE

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