Young Man fined for Beating Ex-Girlfriend

domestic-violence (1)28 year old Lionel Oscar of Newtown was fined $1000 for threats, which he has to pay on or before June 30th 2013 or in default spend three months in prison, and $1000 for battery to be paid by April 30th 2013, or in default sentenced to three months in prison.

However there was no separate charge for the charge of intimidation, after he pled guilty to all charges when he appeared before Magistrate Candia George, at the Roseau Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday February 26th 2013.

According to the facts of the case read by Police Prosecutor Inspector Claude Weekes, on Sunday February 24th 2013, the defendant’s ex-girlfriend Ms. Felixia Registe after taking her daughter to church in Pottersville went to a nearby shop.

Although she saw Oscar on the way to the shop they did not speak to each other. On her way out of the shop, Oscar approached Ms. Registe then slapped her in her face and she feel to the ground.

The defendant then pulled a knife and threatened to kill Ms. Registe. At this some members of the public intervened and Oscar walked away.

Ms. Registe then got up and went to the Roseau Police Station where she filed a report on the incident, and an investigation was launched.

When the investigation officer went to Oscar’s workplace following the incident, before he was questioned he asked the officer if he was going to arrest him, and said that Ms. Registe spoiled him and his life.

Oscar also stated, he does not hit people, but anytime he see her he gets vex. He was then cautioned and arrested.

In mitigation, Oscar’s attorney Peter Alleyne pleaded for a non-custodial sentence for his client, as he did not waste the Court’s time by pleading guilty, while stating it is hard for men to walk away from certain relationships especially a quality one.

He added his client is gainfully employed and counseling is needed so he can break the emotional attachment to his ex-girlfriend.

Domestic_Violence_3Ms. Registe told the Court that, Oscar always hits her in her head and the look on his face on the day of the incident was frightening. She added that she suffers from severe pains to her head and cannot sleep on some occasions.

Magistrate George advised Oscar if Ms. Registe decided to move on he needs to deal with that, while saying that she frowns on men who beat women.

She advised Oscar who had previous offences of the same nature as charged in this case that, women are to be loved and cherished.

However things did not end at the Court. When parties exited the Court, Oscar’s father threatened Ms. Registe and her new boyfriend, saying and I quote, “I will deal with allu,” end quote.

The boyfriend then came to seek the authority of police officers to warn Oscar’s father as he said he does not want any trouble.

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