Young Man Fined for Stealing from his Friend

blackberry-curve-3G-04-600x434Travis John of Fond Cole has been fined $500 for stealing from his friend.

John, 20, pleaded guilty to stealing a black berry curve costing $500, one sim card for $26 and a memory card worth $80 from Clinton Benjamin also of Fond Cole on April 28th 2014.

According to the facts, Benjamin was in his mother’s shop assisting her when he placed his phone on the counter and went to assist a customer.

When he returned he noticed that the phone was missing and went online to attempt to track it.

The matter was reported to police and on May 2nd 2014 the investigating officer met the defendant at police headquarters and informed him of his investigation.

He told the officer that the phone was on a bench under a tree when he took it and removed the sim and memory card and threw them away.

His intention he said, was to sell the phone but when he noticed that it was his friend’s phone he intended to return it.

In mitigation, Ronald Charles, who represented John said his client’s intention was to return the phone but he was arrested before he had the opportunity to do so.

“You threw away the sim card and memory card because you didn’t want the phone to be tracked. You need to respect people’s property,” chief magistrate Candia George cautioned the defendant.

John was ordered to pay compensation of $106 by Friday May 9th 2014 or in default spend 1 month in prison while the $500 fine is to be paid by June 30th 2014 or 2 months in prison in default of payment.


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