Young Men Bailed following Grievous Bodily Harm Charge

arrestsGarvin Alexander, Brandon Guiste, Timmy Elwah and Emerson Alexander of Kingshill have each been placed on $20,000 bond after having been jointly charged with the shooting of Fitzroy Mike with intent to cause him grievous bodily harm.

The incident occurred on June 5th 2014 at Grand Bay.

The offence is indictable and a plea was not required.

The prosecution objected to bail on the grounds that the offence was of a serious nature, the investigation was still ongoing, other defendants were being pursued and the firearm allegedly used to commit the offence was still missing.

However, Magistrate Bernard Pacquette granted bail citing the fact that these reasons were not sufficient enough to deny bail to the defendants.

Bail was set at $20,000.

November 25th 2014 is the date set for the start of the preliminary inquiry.

Meanwhile, Elwah was charged with possession and intent to supply 70 grams of cannabis on June 5th 2014.

He pleaded guilty to possession but not guilty to intent to supply.

The matter has also been adjourned to November 25th for trial and sentencing.

Attorney Joshua Francis represented all four defendants.


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