Young new artist makes a splash on the art scene



ray-francis.jpgThe young man who has been painting since leaving high school almost 3 years ago said that he has been pursuing his dream in art actively and is proud to present this display of his work to the public.


Mr. Francis received no formal training in art but fuelled by his passion developed his skill and fine tuned his art into the success it is today.


His work is unlike what locals are used to, it does not portray local scenes, or Dominica’s breath taking landscapes.


His work focuses on surrealism, a thought provoking art form that targets social issues and human emotion with abstract creaptions on canvas.

On display and also on sale at Tiffany’s art gallery in Canfield are some of his paintings, sculptures and also pencil drawings.

Mr. Francis is hopeful that the public will respond positively to his creations.

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