Young People Advised to Stay Away from Drugs and Alcohol


Mrs. Crephenia James Turney, Drug Abuse Prevention Officer for the South and Roseau Valley

Young people are being advised to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

This is the advice of Mrs. Crephenia James Turney, Drug Abuse Prevention Officer for the South and Roseau Valley.

Mrs. Turney says that this advice could not come at a more opportune time, as the month of January is being observed as Drug Awareness Month under the theme, “My Community, My Choice, No Drugs.”

In light of this they had a drug information table on the ground floor of the Ministry Building, where all persons can come to get information to educate themselves on drugs.

She said that it is important that they visit the schools where they relay the information to the students, which they then pass on to their parents when they go back to their homes.

Mrs. Turney highlighted that based on surveys they have conducted with the Secondary Schools and the State College, what they have learnt is that alcohol is the most abused drug among Secondary School students.

She added because it is also culturally accepted in our Island, as from January to December we are engaged in parties and other “fetes”.

She stated that while some people may be of the view that drugs can help them relax their mind, this cannot be said for all, as different people react differently to various drugs.

Mrs. Turney said that though they may give all the positive advice they can, at the end of the day it is left up to the people to make the right choices.

She said it does not take a rocket scientist to see the negative effect drugs has on our population, as just a simple walk around Roseau and the evidence is right in our faces.

The Drug Abuse Prevention Officer says even prescription and over the counter drugs can be detrimental to anyone’s health if not used properly.

With that, she said people have to be very careful and make the right choices and decisions so we do not become victims of drug use.

She says parents also have a part to play as they have to be good role models to their children as well.

Other activities that are scheduled by the Drug Prevention Unit are rallies – one in Point Michel and another in Calibishie, also Salisbury and La Plaine, Exhibitions, a Candelight Vigil and a Market to Market Walkathon.

The public’s support is appreciated for these activities.

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