Young People Advised to Take Sports Seriously

vlcsnap-2014-04-11-17h21m50s191A number of young children from schools in the Southern District were advised to take sports seriously, when they were addressed during the opening of the Southern District Sports Day activity, which took place today Friday April 11th at the Bath Estate Playing Field.

Part two of the event was hosted simultaneously at the Geneva Playing Field in Grand Bay.

Some of the events include; sac race, lime and spoon, cricket, relays, football, rounders, bottle balancing and shoe lacing.

Assistant Chief Education Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Blaize commended the students for their participation in the activity.

“We need to recognize the importance of physical education and sports in the national curriculum”, he said.

Assistant Chief Education Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Blaize

Assistant Chief Education Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Blaize

He added that sports assist with cognitive development which teaches them to be innovative and disciplined among other qualities.

Dr. Blaize advised the students that many of the children who excel at sports also excel academically, indicating the two can go hand in hand.

He told the students that “some of the richest people around the world are the athletes and the sports men and women.”

Some of the schools who participated in the event included; Soufriere Primary, Newtown Primary, Bagatelle Primary, Tete Morne Primary, Laudat Primary and Wotten Waven Primary.

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