Young People Being Urged to Join a Service Club

Young people are being urged to join a community service club in order to help themselves while giving back to the community to bridge in the gap in that aspect.

This message came from Lion Claudius ‘Tony’ Buncamper MJF, District Governor of Sub-District 60B of the Lions Club International, who is currently in Dominica on an official visit to the local Lions & Leo Clubs for the dual purpose of Auditing of the two clubs, and celebration of the Dominica Leo Club’s 18th Anniversary.

Mr. Buncamper says, the world has changed drastically to the point where people do not socialize the old fashion way which is sad.

He added throughout the Caribbean, many young men have fallen beside the streets and it is important that service clubs go out and help these to be positive people.

Mr. Buncamper pointed out it is important that young people join such clubs as the Rotary, the Lions or the Kiwanis Club since they relate better to their peers which is important in influencing those who do the positive things in life.

He says that young people need to unite since violence does and will not benefit them in anyway.  He added that, what we need is to love one another like we all did before, but we must first love ourselves before we can love anyone.

During his visit here, Mr. Buncamper will meet with government officials such as Education Minister, Honourable Peter St. Jean, Minister for Youth, Sports and Culture Honourable Justina Charles, and the President, Doctor Nicholas J.O. Liverpool.

Mr. Buncamper says that this programme has been working very well, and it is currently being implemented it in St. Lucia, Jamaica, St. Martin and soon in Antigua.

He says he is of the hope that at the end of talks with the government officials that this programme will also be implemented in Dominica, which will significantly benefit the unemployed youths.

Mr. Buncamper also mentioned the Lions Club has an international programme called (R.A.P) Reading in Action Programme which is the pet project of the International President. It came about as his home country the United States of America (U.S.A)and has 26 million Americans who cannot read.

Though every country has their faults, what they try to do as a club is help where help is to help and assist those in need, while building skills where skills are needed.

District 60B comprises of 61 Lions & Leo Clubs from the Cayman Islands in the north to Grenada in the south of the Caribbean Sea.


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