Young People Speak Up Against Gender Based Violence

Sat Telecoms2014-03-31-20h45m46s254To further highlight awareness of gender based violence, the DPPA – Dominica Planned Parenthood Association’s YAM – Youth Advocacy Movement hosted a silent Flash Mob, under the theme “LOUD silence” on Saturday March 29th.

During the event, participants spoke out using messages written on t-shirts, and marched to various locations around the city of Roseau, chanting slogans against gender based violence.

The LOUD silence began at the Roseau Market then moved to the River Bank in Roseau.


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Ms. Annie St Luce, Executive Director of the DPPA noted the idea for this initiative came to life during a retreat for the members of YAM.

The mob sought to provide statistics and facts about gender based violence among other ails in society.

Gender based violence she noted, is a significant problem in Dominica that destroys the lives of the victims, who must be given the appropriate support to get through this ordeal.

She pointed out that persons who are subjected to such violence constantly battle psychological and emotional problems.









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