Young Woman Arrested for the Theft of EC $372,029.33 From Archipelago Trading

Shirmiah Harper

The Portsmouth Police have arrested and charged Ms. Shirmiah Harper, a 23 year old female of Palm Tree Woodford hill, residing at Glanvillia.

Ms. Harper was arrested for the theft of EC $372,029.33 from Archipelago Trading in Portsmouth.

Ms. Harper gave a true meaning to the term sticky fingers as the alleged theft occurred during a nine month period, between 30th June 2011 and 22nd April 2012.

During that period Mr. Harper was employed at that business place as a cashier.

She is expected appear at the Magistrates Court in St. Joseph on Thursday 30th August 2012.

The police are advising members of the public to try to live within their means and that they should respect each other’s property.

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