Young writer launches new play

Gizelle Pierre-Toussaint, a 12 year old of the convent high school and also writer is preparing her new play for the stage.


Miss Toussaint has written and staged two plays in the past year: ‘troubled teenager’ that was presented at the Harlem plaza and ‘once upon a carnival’ that was presented at the Arawak house of culture.


Dominicans can now look forward to her musical ‘a tale of slavery’ that will be staged at the Arawak house of culture.


Miss Toussaint says that she was inspired to write this play when she did some research in history and felt that many persons, in particular the youth, knew little of their historical background.


She says that she has been writing all her life.

Miss Toussaint is the founder and head of the Libra foundation which was founded on November 30th 2011.


Libra is an acronym for love for community, inspiring minds, bringing hope, reaching out to those in need and achievements in Christ.


The play will be the group’s second activity following a donation to the Clifton preschool.


In addition to being a play write, she writes poems and short stories and has published a book called ‘a tribute to my teachers’ which she wrote for her teachers at the st. Martin primary school.

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