Youngest Dominicans with a black belt honored by the Purple Dragon Dominica

Two Dominican teenagers have become the youngest Purple Dragon Karate black belts in the country’s history.


Jodi Simeon and Michael Pemberton both fourteen, achieved the significant milestone at a special grading session in Trinidad from March 25 – 27, 2011.


The pair joined 28 other candidates from as far afield as Canada and the United States in the grading conducted by Purple Dragon founder Professor Don Jacob.


The new first degree black belts, Jodi and Michael, began training in the Purple Dragon Don Jitsu Ryu or system at the tender age of six under the guidance of Instructor (now Sensei) Shannah Robin, himself a third degree black belt.


He is elated at the progress they have made and the implications their success has for the school.


            Sensei Shannah Robin – Purple Dragon Dominica said,  “Jodi and Michael have come a long way. Both of them were once very shy. I have watched them    grow and develop not only as karatekas but as young people and I have been privileged to teach        them. As growing masters of the art of self defence, they are not only a credit to Purple Dragon but   also to Dominica. Our Dojo is strengthened by the presence of more black belt; we have achieved   much already but the future looks exciting and believe me, there are more black belts to come.”


Jodi Simeon is a pupil at the Convent High School and Michael Pemberton attends the St. Mary’s Academy.


The Dojo is holding a celebration in their honour on Friday April 1, 2011.

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