Youth advisor encourages Dominican youth to become leaders today!

Youth advisor to the government of Bahamas, Pastor Dave Burrows have called on Dominican youth to become leaders now in order to save their generation and to become role models for upcoming generations.


Pastor Burrows made this appeal at CEM Caribbean 2010 held in Portsmouth from July 5th to 9th, 2010. This year’s conference was held under the theme: ‘developing our region’s youth holistically’ with special focus on leadership.


“A leader is a good thinker, everyone who is successful in the world today was not successful by birth; the key to success comes from ideas,” Burrows said.


Pastor Burrows said that in order to be good leaders, the youth must develop certain practices, have a clear goal and remain focused at all times.


He advised Dominican youths to keep holding on to their dreams, despite criticism or discouragement.


“Leaders don’t listen to criticisms, they soar to higher heights. A good leader is driven by a goal, mission and purpose, not by public opinion. A good leader decides what their mission is and focuses on their goal. Good leaders never quit,” Burrows said.


Pastor Burrows, who have written 9 books and 4 movies, have been working with young people throughout the region. He is known in the Bahamas for using unconventional methods to transform positively the lives of thousands of gang members and troubled juveniles.



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