Youth Advocate Says Youth And Elders Need to Take Interest in Bridging Generation Gap


Youth demonstrating their talent and skills.

A youth advocate is calling on the youth and elders to take interest in bridging the generation gap in Dominica, after witnessing the breakdown in society,

This is coming from Mr. Delroy Williams, Coordinator of the Youth Talk through the Arts Project.

Mr. Williams revealed that his is currently involved in a project entitled, “Youth Talk through the Arts,” where the young people are afforded the opportunity to speak on issues affecting them, and also take on positive projects in the communities.

The group hosted on of their first activities on Saturday March 9th 2013, holding the attention of many Dominicans, as they engaged in filming an interactive promotional video.

This video he says will be used to advertise a Youth Talk through the Arts final show, to be held at the Arawak House of Culture on Saturday March 16th 2013 from 5pm.

Mr. Williams noted that this show is an idea of the Caribbean Youth Think Tank which is a youth lead initiative of the Youth Development Programme which began in March 2012; A number of countries in the Caribbean are involved in.

He said the Youth Talk through the Arts Project has been established in Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis and now Dominica.


Mr. Delroy Williams, Coordinator of the Youth Talk through the Arts Project

He added, he is working very hard in gaining as much interest from the youth in the project which is aimed at them, as they are the ones that can keep the project alive in Dominica.

Mr. Williams said through this project he has worked with a number of young people Island-wide on projects such as; community consultations and creative art form projects among others.

He went on to sound a call for youth advocates to speak on issues affecting the youth so they can be addressed while providing a listening ear to young people who sometimes feel like they are ignored.

Take a look at one of the scenes shot during the recording of the promotional video.



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