Youth Ambassador Speaks on Drunk Driving


CARICOM Youth Ambassador, Ms. Natasha Jervier

One of Dominica’s CARICOM Youth Ambassadors, Ms. Natasha Jervier, believes that the ongoing issue of drunk driving among young people in Dominica needs to be addressed.

This sudden urge to create awareness was as a result of the tragic vehicular accident in Trinidad that claimed the lives of three young people over a week ago.

They were all returning from parties when the accidents occurred.

Ms. Jervier stated that drinking and driving has become an increasing problem among the youth in Dominica.

She explained that although the police and Government are trying to control the situation with a campaign on road safety, more can be done by creating awareness and helping the public understand the dangers of drunk driving.

Ms. Jervier wants young people to become more responsible with their consumption of alcoholic beverages; avoid excessive drinking and always have a designated driver.

The Anbassador is also informing the public of the Youth Ambassadors latest initiative.

drink-driving3On April 6th, they visited the hospital as part of World Health Day, and realized there were very little toys on the Children’s Ward.

Therefore, she is asking for the public’s help and cooperation, in donating a toy or toys, to the Ward.

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