Youth Ambassadors Forum

Magistrate, Gloria Augustus

In observing 16 Days of Activism as part of a campaign against gender violence, the Ministry of Social Services, Community Development and Gender Affairs in collaboration with the Bureau of Gender Affairs held a youth Ambassadors Forum.

The Forum was hosted under the theme, “The Role of Youth in Curbing Domestic Violence and Violence Against Women and Girls.”

Speaking at the forum Magistrate Gloria Augustus advised the young people present at the forum that it is important not to keep domestic or any form of violence a secret, whether they are directly or indirectly affected.

Magistrate Baptiste pointed out that the law makes provision for abuse children’s cases to be brought to the court by a nurse, a teacher or police officer.

She said in some cases children can be removed from homes from which they are being abused all in the effort of providing them with a safe environment.

When we all speak out against abuse we are helping in the fight against all forms of violence which is the attitude that is needed in society, as our action may prevent it from happening again.

Magistrate Baptiste highlighted that a lot of times in abuse, the aggressor inflicts pain on his/her victims and they cry and ask for forgiveness, but the next day or soon after they go back and do the same thing which is not right.

She says these people need all the help they can get and at some point the victim needs to realize they need to get out of this situation.

Magistrate Baptiste stated, in cases where children are involved the parents can try to work things out for the best interest of the children during abuse relationships; however there are times when enough is enough and the victim has to take a stand.

She says in cases where people may feel they do not know how to deal with abusive relationships they must seek help and or counseling to find solutions.






  • Delroy Williams

    the forum wasn’t held by the Ministry… it was held by the Caricom Youth Ambassadors in collaboration with the Youth Development Division… please get the correct information

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