Youth Ambassadors Host Open Forum for Boys and Men

vlcsnap-2013-11-29-15h38m14s58On Monday 26th November, an open forum for boys and men was held at the Public Service Union, in an attempt to engage the male gender in discussions geared towards violence against women.

The intention of this activity was to give young men a chance to speak as they are usually depicted as the perpetrators.

Mr. Lester Guye (Psychologist and Counsellor at the National HIV and AIDS Response Unit and CARIMAN Member, who considers himself an advocate for women and women’s rights says, there are a lot of verbal advocates when action too is needed.

According to Mr. Guye, a choice must be made in the fight against the violation of not just women’s rights but human rights.

Acceptance of violence against women by men reinforces that what is being done is right but if there is conflict or disagreement on the matter, he believes we will see change.

Crimes against women have always been around, but it has only now become a major issue because it is more blatant, forcing persons to address it.

Adding to the discussion, Mr. Delroy Williams, UNDP Caribbean Youth Think Tank member, relating our attitudes to the norms assumed by society says, the separation of roles in society can later impact how men relate to women in the household.

Mr. Williams feels as a nation that is slowly adapting to the Western civilization way of living and interacting, Dominicans needs to shift from this fear of change.

Meanwhile, President of the National Youth Council, Mr. Jaisiah Benoit suggested that young men lack the knowledge of how to react to women.

This lack of knowledge he says, leaves you to depend on the advice of your peers, whose knowledge base is about the same as yours.

He therefore called on parents to take better stock to educate young men on the value of women.



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