Youth Council to host Kalinago Week







The National Youth Council Division (NYCD) in partnership with the Ministry of Carib Affairs and the Cultural Division will introduce “Kalinago History Week”, from February 10th, as a signature event, forming part of Black History Month here in Dominica.

One of the core activities forming part of the NYCD’s 2013-2015 Work-plan is the facilitation a programme of activities in observance of Black History Month in remembrance of important milestones, persons and events in the history of the African Diaspora.





Kalinago Chief, Mr. Garnet Joseph says he hopes that this initiative will form part of the annual calendar of activities.


“The activities will help focus attention on the Kalinago people’s struggle, their contribution to nation development and help create a better understanding of the Kalinago people and their culture”, he said.


The collaborating partners plan to observe ‘Kalinago History Week’ from February 10th-14th, through advocacy and educational activities, fieldtrips and civil society dialogue.






Mr. Joseph says efforts are being made to ensure that Kalinago history is included in the National Curriculum in every school across Dominica.

This year’s activities will be administered under the theme “Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development”.

The Chief noted that approximately 65 percent of the Kalinago population is below 40 years of age.






According to him, members of the Kalinago society are making major strides in education, with the highest number of young people with tertiary education, while the University graduates are beginning to make their presence felt, as they undertake activities to develop the territory.

“We have to take into consideration as well those who are not fortunate enough and develop activities and programmes that will enable them to be equipped with the necessary skills to earn their living.







He added, “We have the opportunity to look within the Kalinago culture and create unique products and services to offer the country and the world”.

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