Youth Division Project of Convent High School Mural

The wall of the Convent High School is much more aesthetically pleasing as it just received a makeover from students of the school, in addition to others as part of a Youth Division Summer Program.

The project which was carried out over a two week period featured 17 students who all volunteered to take part in the painting of a mural on the previously bare school wall.

Ms. Webb said she then went to Doctor Lennox Honychurch to get a story board done for the mural and started the process of recruiting young persons in the vicinity of Roseau to carry out the task, who was assisted by two local artistes from the Cultural Division.

She added the Youth Division was very helpful in this project as they provided her with a budget of $2500.

Ms. Webb says that all of the students were very excited to be a part of this project, and inspired more to join along seeing the pictures come alive with each day of painting.

She added that they will also doing a beautification and landscaping project at the Dominica Girls Guide and Scouts Headquarters and the painting of the Roseau Youth Centre.

Convent Student- Ms. Alex Maree

Student of the Convent High School Ms. Alex Maree Roberts who was part of the project says she enjoyed every moment of her participation in the painting of the mural.

Ms. Roberts added out of all other projects should could have done with her summer holiday time, she chose this one since the basis of Dominica is education and is of the belief if she should be involved in something productive.

She also added that she wanted to give back to her school for all the things that she learned which helped develop her into an intelligent young lady.

Another student, Public Relations Officer for the Roseau South District, Mr. Samson Barreau from the community of Giraudel says although he is very artistic he learned new techniques in drawing which he is thankful for.

Fourth form student of the Convent High School Ms. Nicole Bertrand pointed out that since she is an artistic student this was the perfect project for her to put her skills to the test on a large scale, while making a positive impact on helping her school.

The student said that in preparation for the project they all underwent training where they learnt to work in teams which each other which she is appreciative of.

The last day of the project was on Tuesday August 14th, 2012.

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