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Sat Telecoms2013-11-19-17h42m34s187The Government through the Youth Development Division hosted a Youth Employment forum in the Community of Grand Bay on Monday November 19th, to speak on creating employment opportunities and sustainability.

Parliamentary Representatives from across the Island, as well as government and private dignitaries gathered at the Grand Bay Community Centre, to engage villagers from both the Grand Bay and Petit Savanne constituency on the topic.


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Honourable Kenneth Darroux, Parliamentary Representative for the Petit Savanne Constituency, speaking at the forum noted, unemployment is not unique to Dominica and referenced larger economies.

Acting Chief Youth Development Officer, Mr. John Roach however, believes young people are often tight-lipped when put in a position to express their concerns. He believes this forum should act as a medium for persons to speak up.


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Meanwhile, Brendon Defoe, Enterprise Development Officer at (DYBT) the Dominica Youth Business Trust spoke at the forum and informed persons on the role of the organisation in their small business ventures.

According to Mr. Defoe, to date they have trained over 500 young persons who are interested in starting their own businesses.



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Also presenting at the function, Special Projects and Communication Officer of the Agricultural Industrial, Development (AID) Bank, Ms. Josephine Titre gave a few tips on employment preparedness.

She admonished them to learn as much as possible about the institution they are applying to and asked them not to take work casually.

She further urged the potential entrepreneurs to be mindful of what they post on social media including Facebook, as it could negatively affect their work.


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Later, Matilda Popo, Job Developer at the Youth Development Division spoke on the positive aspects of job development including social and motivational skills training as well as self-empowerment.

In addition to the aforementioned, the organisation teaches office etiquette, to aid in the effective operation at a business institution.

Mr. Vincent Ettienne, Director of the Small Business Support Unit, Employment and Small Business Support Agency, in closing, leveled with the participants, telling them of his very humble beginnings.


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According to Mr. Ettienne, he left high school not knowing what he wanted to do or who he wanted to be, until he met past Prime Minister, Roosevelt Douglas, who urged him to shape his future and to take control of his own life.

The former Prime Minister urged him to maintain a good character and to surround himself with positive persons.

This Mr. Ettienne believed, made him the person he is today.

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