Youth on a Mission for God


Youth on a Mission for God

A non-denominational youth program has embarked upon addressing the social ails affecting youth in society and creating solutions for them.

Ms. Ellen Paul, Coordinator of Youth on a Mission for God, says this is an event where youth assemble and they try to figure out solutions for their everyday issues, especially those that have a huge impact on the youth. A pastor from Jamaica made an appearance at the program, where he dealt with demon possessions.

He encouraged the youth through his testimony, which was based on true occurrences throughout his life.

Although this was the first session held, nightly services were held throughout the week. The services covered topics such as incest and ways to prevent the act.

Ms. Paul said this program was conceptualized because of the many needs of the youth.


Ms. Ellen Paul, Coordinator of Youth on a Mission for God

The main purpose of this initiative was to help youth understand that irrespective of all the wrongs they have done throughout their life, there is still hope that God can turn things around for them.

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